Kangana Ranaut’s sister lashes out at Hrithik Roshan yet again!


Hrithik Roshan finally finished his quiet concerning the conflict with Kangana Ranaut. He took to online interpersonal interaction and posted his examinations in sort of a long and grow letter. In light of this current, Kangana’s sister Rangoli has swung her racket in the verbal rally eventually.

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Rangoli watched her sister by means of electronic systems administration media, saying, “Acc 2 Hrithik Kangna sufrin frm mentl disordr othr thn fake sends he dsnt hv ny othr medicl confirm. .In any case, I can give a considerable measure of confirmations of Hrithik’s skull exhausting cerebrum surgery in 2014. N post dt slf confsed lyf coach thrapy fr years wid Arfin 2 batl dpresion n reckless state f mind.” (sic)

Directly this post of Rangoli has taken issues to an other level, giving out a string of fresh and close experiences about the on-screen character’s near and dear life. Whatever’s existence; this seems like an unending battle among Hrithik and Kangana.

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