Auto Collateral Loans Benefit Borrowers With Bad Credit

Borrowers with a bad credit score have the option of using their car title to get an auto collateral loan. If you have a plan to repay the loan responsibly, it could get you out of a jam and even help you improve your credit rating.

A bad credit rating can create a lot of problems for someone living from paycheck to paycheck. There are a lot of times in our lives when we need emergency cash for unexpected expenses such as medical or dental procedures, accidents, hospitals, home and car repairs, student expenses and natural disasters and subprime borrowers have difficulty obtaining funds in times of emergency since, their credit history makes them a bad risk for lenders.

A low credit score means they can not typically get unsecured credit because they have already not demonstrated a pattern of repaying debts on time. However, there are some loan options available even to those with a bad credit rating, along payday loans and unsecured debt. Subprime borrowers have the option of using their car title to get an auto collateral loan.

When borrower puts up some form of collateral, in this case a vehicle title, to protect the lender in case the borrower defaults on the loan, it is a form of secured debt, called auto title loans. California borrowers prefer loans with secured debt because, it typically carries a lower interest rate than one that is unsecured.

Since, the security offered is a car title, an auto collateral loan will have a competitive interest rate. However, it will still be higher than a conventional loan in order to offset the risk of lending to borrowers with bad credit.

If you fail to make payments according to the pre-determined repayment schedule, the lender can then take the auto title to cover the debt. To qualify for an auto title loan, you must own the car used as collateral, and the car must be paid off or nearly paid off.

A good number of lenders will only lend up to a certain percentage of the car's wholesale value, to protect themselves, in case the vehicle looses its value over the term of the agreement, which is typically between 25 to 50 percent of the car's wholesale value , but in some cases it can go up to 100 percent.

The lender usually does not offer 100 percent because, if borrowers default on the title loans, California lenders may have to incur costs during repossession and may not be able to sell the vehicle at full price. All these scenarios are factored into the loan agreement.

When you apply for an auto collateral loan, make sure you choose a lender that offers flexible repayment options and competitive interest rates. It is quick and easy to get approved and get the cash you need, that is why a title loan is so attractive for borrowers in times of emerging.

Always have a plan of action for repaying the loan. Make the payments diligently and on schedule, to avoid additional charges and higher interest rates. Showing responsibility in repaying a debt can even help you improve your credit score.

Source by Andrew Stratton

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